Mod SME 3009 II Improved into "non- improved"?

Hi all,

I see a small cottage industry on pay-bay for asst. OEM, NOS, and custom machined parts for SME 3009 series tonearms. I had an opportunity to pick up the 3009 "improved" at a price that was just too good to pass up. But now, I would like to know if it is possible to morph it into the more versatile standard version. It looks like if one were to buy some of the modified parts, like the metal knife edge bearing (already ordered), heavier counterweights, etc., that this can be done. I'm just a bit confused on how to change the rear tonearm tube to accomodate the weights with the center hole. Can that be done?

I have an SME V arm and the counterweight is designed to accommodate different numbers of weights for different cartridges. I don't know if the SME 3009 series can do this. The goal is to add enough weight to allow the counterweight to slide as close to the pivot point as possible to reduce the moment of inertia.

How is the modified vertical bearing (knife edge) different on your arm from the standard arm? You may try contacting SME directly to see what is possible and even recommended. I'm curious if any custom machined parts for these SME arms are of equal quality to the original SME parts, or are they made by SME and simply relabeled?