Modding a Forsell CD Transport


Has any one experience with modding a Forsell MKII Cd transport. I was wandering if for example replacing the clock would lift it up to an even higher level.

I owned a Forsell combo sometime ago. I never modified it, but when I got an ARC CD7 I sold it to an audiogon member in France who got it modified - one of the mods was a new clock. Later he emailed me that the my old transport, after modification, sounded much better than other similar units that the same technician had fitted with the clock, and easily surpassed any expensive CD transport that he had compared with it. How I wish I never had sold it!

A friend, owner of Forsell himself, did the same change and will do the same on mine too. It seems to be an easy and not expensive upgrade.


Hello, I'm wondering whether anyone can help me out. I sent a part from a Forsell CD Transport to Forsell (Lennart Bergqvist ) for repair some months ago. Despite numerous emails, I have yet to hear back from him. He innitially seemed helpful, but has now completely vanished, along with my part ?

Does anyone have further current contact info for anyone at Forsell Audio ?