Modding Synergistic Research MPC to Galileo status

I recently had the good fortune of upgrading my stock Synergistic Research MPCs closer to Galileo Status by the help of a friend who is inclined to do such work.

He replaces the Synergistic MPC's four cheap, general purpose 1 amp rectifier diodes with four ultra fast, soft recovery IXYS rectifier diodes and the 470uf 50 volt dirt cheap chinese electrolytic cap with a 680uf Panasonic FM extremely low impedance, high ripple current, long life (7000 hrs). It is now a super low noise power supply.

This mod provides better shielding to Synergistic Research cables resulting in more transparency, blacker backgrounds, increased detail and warmth with even lower noise floor than stock MPCs.

I was really taken aback by the improvements mentioned above. When considering the cost of a Galileo MPC, this mod is a downright bargain.

The cost of this mod will be $40-50. I can provide contact information for additional questions regarding components and price.
I’ve improved my system and room over the years with constant, uh…”research and experimentation." You know, audiophilia nervosa. Each beneficial change made it more challenging to focus on my work, or even reading, with the music playing. With Michael’s V2 MPCs in the system (on Power Cell SE and T3SE PC) it’s decidedly tougher. There is more of almost everything I enjoy about my system. The soundstage is larger, with more air and decay; the noise floor is lower, resulting in better microdynamics, detail and texture across the spectrum, and macrodynamics are improved, with bass sounding clearer and more powerful. In short, the sound is more engaging. Now, if I can just find more hours for sleep…

Thank you, Michael!

Michael recently modded MPCs for my Syn Res Element Tungsten SC and PC, a Telsa T2 SE PC and Tesla Accelerator LE IC and Accelerator LE IC.

The sonic improvement was noticeable - and not subtle. Expanded sound stage, greater depth to the sound and clarity in voicings. I cannot compare to Michael's to the Galileo upgrade, but for my ears - and my wallet - it was a great upgrade.

Easy to work with. Great service. Thank you, Michael
Many thanks to you all for your thoughts and impressions. I just wanted to mention that I currently have a few of my latest V2 modified SR MPCs in stock ready for audition. Out performs SR Galileo MPC and in some applications SR Transporter SE, but please don't take my word for it try one for yourself.
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