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A Few Nice Words For Upscale Audio
+1 for Upscale and Pathos sales and service!  Great experience on several purchases including Pathos after sales service.  Two very fine companies.    
REL Hum. Stumped
Had a similar issue with my S/812.     For some reason on AC in my duplex outlet caused a hum.  The other did not.   REL suggested running an RCA (assuming you are using high and not low connection?) to my integrated.  That helped as well.     N... 
dacs that I have had in my system - a listing
@jjss49 Lots of DACs! My journey is not so comprehensive, but I have also ended up in the Chord (DAVE) plus M Scaler camp. With the recent addition of a Sean Jacobs DC4/ARC6 external LPS the DAVE is both detailed and lush. My DACs Schitt Modi ... 
Help with speaker selection
I’ve travelled a similar path from “precision and accuracy” with Focal Kanta 3’s and Rockport Atria ii’s with D’Agostino solid state back to Tannoy Kensingtons with Pathos Heritage MKIi hybrid and a more “musical” to me presentation which is where... 
What to do with a large collection
@rvpiano Is your LP collection catalogued?   
XLR recomendation
@carlsbad2 Meant to say that the Heritage is a fully balanced integrated amp. It has both balanced and SE.  Because it’s balanced it’s been suggested to use XLR rather than RCA with DAVE. Though I’m enjoying my. Syn Res RCA’s. Will be interesting ... 
XLR recomendation
@carlsbad2 Sorry to be unclear.  Bad capacitor or resistor in the right XLR. Hopefully won’t need to replace the entire board.  Haven’t had a chance to send infor inspection/repair yet.  I had been using XLR before the problem occurred.    
XLR recomendation
@carlsbad2 my amp is balanced. Pathos Heritage MKii. Thanks.   
XLR recomendation
@glennewdick Thanks for the heads up.    
XLR recomendation
@soix My DAVE right XLR channel is burnt so I’m using RCA for now. Sold my only decent Transparent Ref XLR and need another.  Transparent was fine.  Most of my cables are Transparent.  Just looking for alternative suggestions.   Thx  
Checking for crossover and driver issues
@gs5556  Thanks for the information. I will be sending the amp in for service.  Not using the Tannoy ground.  Also, the amp isn’t plugged into a wall AC. It runs from a Transparent PowerIsolator.  I tried it directly from the wall to no avail. Th... 
Checking for crossover and driver issues
Thanks.  I just connected the Kensingtons to my NAIM ATOM and they work perfectly.  I’m told by my tech that means there is no issue with the speakers.  What an amazing little machine the NAIM ATOM is BTW. It’s normally running Tannoy Mini Autogra... 
Focal 706V  Harbeth 30.1 Harbeth 30.2 Focal Kanta 3 Rockport Atria ii Tannoy Kensington GR REL S/812  
How to make the Focal Kanta No. 2 speakers sing?
I had Kanta 3s which I purposely moved to from Harbeth 30.2s for a more forward and brighter sound. Even with hybrid tube electronics (BHK 300s).  I eventually moved to Rockport Atria ii but now have Tannoy Kensingtons with Pathos Heritage MKIi hy... 
Experience with Modwright products?
I had his OPPO SONICA DAC tube mod at one time. It was a huge improvement to the DAC in every way. Dan’s tech support and approach to customer service it first rate. I have no experience with his current lineup but based on my experience you could...