Modding the AA Capitole mk II

I was wondering if anyone of you tried modding the Capitole mk II player and what were the resoults ?

I just replaced the Holvand coupling caps with teflon V-Caps, which according to some ppl I trust are THE best caps money can buy.

The pair costed me 88USD shipped. I will try to post my initial impressions tomorrow after 24h break-in period.
Which cap(s) Model No. in the range did you use. Because I also want to do the same thing with my Capitole MKII
Capitole mk II uses Hovland MusiCap 0,1uF/400V.

I got same value V-Caps - 0,1uF/600V. Higher voltage rating is even better. They are $39 each (OE Hovlands are $8 each).

I have kept the player in repeat mode for the past 24 hours.

I have made a preliminary audition today and the change is not subtle at all. And it should even better when burn-in period is completed.

The player is much more transparent now, with better soundstaging, better resolution and MUCH better microdynamics.

Before I got AA I have had Theta Generation Va DAC + Genesis Digital Lens + Theta Data Basic II. AA is much more natural and smooth sounding player, but it also misses some of the Theta qualities like outstanding resolution, bass slam and explosive dynamics.

With the V-Cap installed, AA is still not a Theta in that regard, but it much better now, and I fell It will let me forget my previous rig at last. The sound is much more transparent and open, much more palpable, you can hear more spatial clues, soundstage is deper and more focused.

I will get back to report when the break-in period is completed in a couple of days.

On the vcap website the oil based OIMP based caps are $57.99, is that correct ?
That is correct, but bear in mind that the smallest OIMP value available is 1uF - value 10 times bigger than those used in AA output stage.

You need 0.1uF caps.

For more info go here:
I've just placed the v-caps into the capitole and currently have the CD player running overnight on repeat. Initial impressions was alot more suttle cues around the instruments but very unforgiving after first 2 minutes of being turned on. Will keep you posted.
Yesterday I have had a chance to directly compare the 100% stock AA Capitole mk II borrowed from a friend to my modded one.

The change is sound quality is as dramatic as I have described earlier. The Capitole with V-caps is oh so much more transparent sounding. The stock player dynamics almost sounds muted.

And still, the modded player remains the organic flavor of the original, it is still very full and natural sounding.

Highly recommended !