Modding the Conrad Johnson PV12

Getting back into vinyl and my feet wet into TT setup I am readying my 2nd music system that has a Denon DP52-F with SAE 1000 E cartridge (just ordered) and the newly acquired PV12 that feeds into a CJ MF2300A

Any suggestions, starting from recommendation of which NOS tubes to roll to changing parts in the power supply to improve the overall sound of the PV12?

Lastly, in your experience, does the phono section of the PV12 (not the 12A) hold its ground against sub 1k phono stages? Or should I simply toss the PV12 and get a decent separate phono stage?

try these people, they do it for about 500.00, talk with hamed. use pretty good parts as well, for what all they do.........let me know what you think.
You might want to try these folks Bill Thalmann was a circuit designer at cj ...


Thanks guys for the quick responses! Will let you know how it turns out.

Can I assume the same rationale (power supply mod) applies to the modern CT-5? Am on the lookout for an ACT2 Series 2 as the next upgrade but as they rarely come up for sale, some mods maybe the route to go, especially when it front matches my LP140m. So far, I have just tubed rolled to NOS tubes, replaced the fuse and power cord on the CT-5.