Modding the PS Audio Directstream DAC MK1 and MK2

I would like to continue discussing all the mods we have created for these two DAC's as it seems PS Audio is no longer allowing discussions about them on their forum.

For reference here is a link to the closed discussion.


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"BTW I prefer the older Sunlight fw on mine; it’s more open and dynamic and alive sounding. It’s playing here now."

Sunlight is the last firmware (newest) for the MK1.

Did you mean an older version?

Here is the order of firmware for the MK1.

FMC-09 6115 2014
FMC-10 9114 2014
Pikes Peak 1/2015
Yale  7/2015
Huron 5/2016
Torreys 7/2016
Snowmass 3.00 11/2018
Snowmass 3.04 11/2018
Snowmass 3.05 12/2018
Snowmass 3.06 2019
Windom  10/2019
Sunlight  **LAST** 4/2021

Any updates on the 8139 opamp modification WRT availablity and cost? Understood this is a send in your board modification. You have already performed the Vocm cap and nickel xformer mods. So pleased with this modded MK1, but if the 8139 opamps can provide further performance I’m interested. I suspect this mod will be an improvement, just not as night and day as the Vocm cap and nickle transformer mod, eh? 

Would enjoy hearing your opinion on Massive final.  I hear a major improvement.  

I’m kind of on the fence.

Using a preamp, we feel Firmware fpga1_208_Antero or the first fpga1 228 Massive sound better. The new fpga1 233 Massive is clearer and can have more detail and a larger stage however for us just doesn’t sound as "real". Just a little thin sounding for our taste. String instruments have lost their body and texture.

We of coarse did instant A/B listening test in our evaluation.

The UI update is great as now we can turn off the power to the WiFi chip inside the unit. The sample-rate screen is also welcoming.