Stealth Vardrig Sextet vs. Purist Audio 20 Anniv

......looking to update my current digital cable set up as I currently have the Purist Audio 20th Anniversary cables in my system. These cable's will be going between an Esoteric DAC and transport. I listened to the Stealth's a while back and liked them. I do not have a chance to audition so my obvious question would be - would it be a sonic step up going to the Stealth's ???? The PAD's were no slouches.....your thoughts and thank you
Have not heard the PAD's, but have lived with the Sextet (XLR) for a few years through several DAC's and would not dream of changing them.You cannot go wrong, IMHO.

Hello Nglazer and thank you for your response .....but why have you kept them ???? Tell me what makes these cables that good ?

First, the Sextet does nothing wrong; no aspect opf the frequency range is over or under-emphasized. The cable is neutral, transparent, lifelike and, most important to me, eminently "livable." By that I mean I have forgotten about it. Note this is the XLR version, running from my Bryston BDP-1 to PS Audio DSD DAC.

I also have a Kharma Grand Reference RCA running from CEC TL-1x CD transport to DAC. Excellent cable, with a touch of warmth.

Good luck.