Modern classical TAS I think?

Anyone heard these?
Crystal Records: 20th century works for horn and organ
Crystal Records: Richardson on for Trombone and Piano

and Nonesuch: Percussion Music, works by Varese, Colgrass, Cowell, Saperstein, Oak,,by the NJ Percusion ensemble,,Is this the TAS one?
I'm not familiar with the Crystals, but the Nonesuch (H71291) is on the TAS list that I have from the late 80s (it's probably still on their list). Funny thing, I've had this record for years but have never gotten around to listening to it.
I thought I might add that almost all of the CONTEMPORARY SERIES(modern stuff)discs that were put out on the Nonsuch label were absolutely spectacular in sound quality and dynamics.The music,by artists like Druckman,Carter,Colgrass,Wuorininetc.really push the envelope in new music,and,I think,those who are into rock and jazz could find some of this stuff to be a great Gateway into Modern Avantgarde Classical music.Some of which can be very dramatic and theatrical.
Some of the Philips classical recordings are very nice. Also, I find that the london records, particularly the phase 4 ones, sound very good too.