Modest Challenge for XO Experts Trelja maybe?

I could really use some advice here. I am restoring a set of ESS speakers, a part of which are four 2-way satellites. Each satellite has the crossover components as pictured below. After 30 years plus, I figure the caps should be replaced and any other parts that warrant proactive replacement. I can solder just fine and these parts are super easy to access and it seems a simple layout. However, I have virtually no experience in selecting proper parts with respect to brand name, values, etc. I am open to any and all suggestions. I am not opposed to making improvements over the parts originally used if modern parts are more advanced, but I don’t really want to change the overall character of the speakers, so to speak. Since the price of these speakers has been long since “amortized”, I am not opposed to paying good money for top quality parts. I will note the values as printed on the components in the picture and I would be obliged for specific suggestions – brand, type, values etc. for each to use as replacements. THANKS!

Right to left

Black Cap: 1068-7308; 12-65 CXR; 200-40AC-B; 200uF-40V AC
Orange Cap: 227P; 3.5 plus/minus 10% - 100CD; 1DF-M3.5
Resistor: 4ohm 10W
Inductor – Propose to simply reuse this

The wiring is all solid-core of what looks like some silver colored alloy