modifying XLO ultra6 speakers cables

I have XLO Ultra6 cables connected to B&W 803N speakers. I am, considering cutting the stripped ends, leaving only 6 wires at both ends of the R and L channel cables. The six stripped ends will be twisted into 2 pairs of 3 wires. One twisted group will be connected to the low input and one group will be connected to the hi level connection at both speakers. My thought is the unused wires might act as a shield and create a good vibration control. Are there any thoughts on this or has it already been tried?

Henry Rancourt
Speaker cables don't need shielding. Why would you give up any copper for shielding when it could be used for conducting?

Re: Bi-wiring, my personal choice would run all available wire to one pair of terminals on the speakers and use a short section of wire as a jumper to the other.

Re: Vibration control on a speaker cable; no comment.