Modwright 100 - Specail Editon

I have owned a few Modwright products now including the Excellent Sony 5400 cdp truth mod this new and Vastly improved 100 amplifier is most certainly special for starters there is 2x the capacitors for storage from 44k per side to 44k per side ,also the resistors are far better these are the Takman Carbon resistors which are very clean sounding and 90% of the capacitors were upgraded to Modwrights custom Metal oil caps they take a Solid 600 hours to fully burnin ! I left mine on for 3 weeks straight with sound ,also The transformer is one of the best in the world from Lundahl in Sweden,I would like to say this amplifier has loads of control even for my brothers 1.6 Maggis which are 4 ohm , My Bat vk500 amp with bat pack was no match for this amp it is dead quiet low level detail is very good and transient attack is superb the Bass is very well controlled with nice articulation female voices sound like
very smooth and wonderfull I find myself now feeling like part of the performance this unit now have 10 Mosfets per side from 6 originally this helps is in part why this amplifier sounds almost tube like but with much better control and detail.I heave heard several Big name units out there and many over $6k I find this unit at $3995 by far the best sounding amplifier anywhere nears this price point and I welcome anyone in the New England area to come over some weekend and chat about audio and listen for yourself.
I stand corrected as you can see I did not have my glasses onfor my spelling, The capacitance is 2x as much which is now 88,800
per side from 44,000 which is substantial.
Still waiting to hear from you, as you mentioned listening to your 5400 with mods a few weeks ago.

Im a big fan of Dan Wright and his products. Havent heard this amp but my swlp pre looks every bit the quality of my PASS X250 which is built with no compromise components too. Glad you are enjoying it and good to see Modwright getting good publicity.
Check this out the modwright recived a solid Blue Moon award at 6moons dot com
This is my 1st foray into separates - purchased the Modwright LS100 preamp and the KWA100 SE power amp. Rather than install the new issue Sovtek GZ34 & EH 6sn7s that came with the LS100, I went with NOS Sylvania GZ34, and Shuguang Black Treasure CV181-Zs. The amps take 400-600 for full break-in; have about 150 hours thus far and the amps just keep getting more and more musicial - good definition across the frequencies, bass with punch, clarity, nothing veiled. Looking forward to reaching the 400 + hours to hear what they really can do, but very pleased with the decision to get these