Modwright Swans M1

Just a brief note to let you know that Dan Wright has my Swans M1 speakers. They are the very first Swans to be modded by MODWRIGHT and the mod will be offered in his website for anyone interested.

It will be a few more weeks before I get them back, as this is a carefully discussed project between him and myself, not a mere parts swapping exercise.

The initial step consisted of adding four Bybee filters, which are currently being burned in. Next, upgraded caps and resistors will be installed and burned in along with Jena Labs cryo speaker wire. Crossover boards will then be cryo treated by Jena Labs' inmersion method and audiophile quality damping material will replace the original.

Once I get the speakers and have things set up I will audition and post a review. Dan says the moddded Swans will "Blow me away..."


The Psychic
Good for you. Knowing Dan Wright's work and himself (great individual)this has to be a very interesting project. Be confident on his work. I have a modified CD/Transport by Dan and the quality of the parts and job is par to none. He really know what he does and best of all, is willing to discuss the work along the way as it takes place.

Let us all know your impressions after you receive your speakers back.


Sounds interesting. I use the Bybees on my speakers, and I found them very good additions. Doesn't "knock you over", but everything just sounds a little more "right". I didn't lose any air or soundstage, as some detractors have said. They only provided positive effects on my system. Naturally, I think the wiring and crossover improvements are also a great idea. Keep us posted on your impressions.
Well, I don't think the Bybees will "knock me over", but the e$timate almost did: I am getting an 'amigo' discount for being the first Modwright Swans and just the caps for the tweeter boards run close to $150! Add the Bybees ($320), Cryo, etc and the total cost will be over $700...
Dan has finally finished the mod and sent me an e-mail this afternoon explaining his audition:


Okay, so last night I did some serious listening with your speakers, a P-3A DAC (Signature II), being fed by my Sony XA-777ES as a transport. The long 'budget' power cord that you sent was feeding the DAC and the Tice IC's were feeding the preamp from the DAC. The preamp used was a Conrad Johnson Premier 17LS (very sweet unit) and the amp is a Threshold SS - 50W Class A - that a friend loaned me. I don't believe that you use tubed amps, so this made more sense.

First of all, the Cryo did WONDERs for the sound, improving bass response and detail/extension greatly. The Jena wire also improved detail and resolution significantly. The Bybee filters lowered the noise floor and improved soundstage and presence. The Auricaps greatly opened up the sound and improved sonics across the spectrum.

I listened to a variety of music last night, primarily music that I know and am familiar with. This included classical symphonic, acoustic guitar, techno/electronica, and some Patricia Barber. I have also listened with the disc that you sent, but because I am not familiar with that music, it is a difficult reference for me.

First of all, the speakers threw a huge and deep soundstage that went way back and completely made the speakers disappear. Secondly, the detail and 'spank' of the speakers was remarkable. You can hear distinct plucking of guitar strings and fast/dynamic music is right-on, not missing a note or beat. Lastly, the detail and extension of the speakers is now stunning. The Tice IC's tone down the character a bit which is good. They are more detailed than my $6.5k Greybeards, drawing you more into the music and simply get your blood pumping.

I don't have Sonus speakers to compare them to and I am not going to be able to, but I feel quite certain that you will be VERY pleased with the results of the mod. I feel that they have surpassed my expectations. It would be ideal to have a bone-stock pair to compare them too, but my aural memory is good enough to tell me that these are FAR better sounding than when I first got them.

I do plan to ship them early next week and I will call you before I do.

Thanks Francisco,

Dan W.


I got them!!! Dan did a *superb* job--in fact, he told me yesterday that they turned out better than he expected.

The speakers have increased bandwith, dynamics and low level resolution. Vocals have gained a visceral, penetrating quality. Speed is tremendous and the lowered noise floor reveals much more music. The at times iffy midrange the speakers used to have has been replaced by a neutral, fluid presentation. Soundstage depth has increased by about 100%. Everything comes from a dark, silent background. The ambient information revealed creates an unbelievable musical presentation from such an inexpensive speaker...low volume listening is possible and at higher volumes the speaker shows no strain. Cymbals and percussion instruments are very crisp and musical.

Jena labs did a great job with the cryo treatment--I am a believer...