MoFi enzyme based cleaner and pure rinse

I must admit, I am a little disappointed given the buzz surrounding enzyme based cleaners. In this first foray into them I have not gotten results that I would call monumental.

Maybe I am doing something wrong. I have found it to reduce some of the noise floor, but not dirty pop/click grunge sounds. I have tried it on about 5 LPs and have found that it is really not working any better than VPI cleaner thus far.

And yes, I do use dedicated brushes for each stage and I clean the vacuum tube of my VPI 16 well after each application.

Chashmal - I appreciate your comments about Gould, and, in fact, Columbia is the first record label I was thinking of when I mentioned there were some labels from which I would just as soon listen to the CDs. I think Sony did a very nice job with its efforts to upgrade CD quality with the original 20-bit sampling remasters back in the 90's, and the Masterworks Heritage series was very good. I've been trying German and UK Lp pressings of various of the good ol' stuff: Szell, Ormandy, Walter, Bernstein...and I strike out more often than not. But, then, sometimes some of the late US or NL pressings are pretty good, and, if you can find them, some of the Japanese pressings are good. (And the Odyssey Budapest quartet pressings are not bad.) But it's so hit and miss. On your advice, with Gould, I'll stick to the CDs.
Not to mention Eweedhome, all the extra stuff!

I don't know if you are a Cage fan, but one of the benefits of Cage on CD is ACTUAL silence where it is supposed to be silent. (Keep in mind, like many on this thread, I almost never defend digital). Feldman too.
You know I haven’t finished reading this yet... But here is my story... I been obsessing obesessing and obsessing about getting a Nitty Gritty machine because for one I was disgusted what was happening to me with one product called Dishwasher. That I stopped using 20 to 30 years ago. Everytime that red bottle and brown brush met a LP that I thought I was cleaning would turn into a hell of static... So I stopped and stuck with a dust rag. A cloth dust rag. But that in time wasn’t working to well either ... Cause some of these damn records needed to be cleaned.... So I figure a automated Nitty Gritty what could go wrong. Well I I was thinking on trying for a 1.5 FI... Well last week I found a Mini Pro 2 from 2013 selling for 700 bucks barely used. I grabbed that son of a bitch. And just said PayPal it ... But so far with just using Pure 2 ( which I found had alcohol in it ... And I started going mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. ) Mini Pro 2 how hard can this machine be. Well I don’t know Pure 2 wash for starts. And noticing the record didn’t look clean at all when I put it through the short quick easy process both sides boom boom done. And then I played the LP and all the high end is gone ... Well why did that happen ? Sure the wash got rid of a lot of LP tics pops clicks and noises but all the sudden the record naturally turned into a Click Repair in automation mode.... I mean yes this is a easy automated machine usually 1500 dollars. Wets both sides vacuums both sides... Now I see why Nitty isn’t really that popular these days. They exist they don’t exist. I mean for now forget about puttng any of my new sealed copies thru that Mini Pro .. A dust rag lightly at least keeps the sound about 99 percent right from the seal ... Not disappear on me .. WTF ? Humanity sure knew how to master and press records but to clean them Jesus you would think it wouldn’t be such a hard thing... It’s almost like LP’s was a accident. Because there is no way to clean these correctly... Just 1000 incorrect ways.