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Hearing loss and center image
Groovey: interesting to note that Townsend is almost deaf now 
"You can't handle -- The Yanni at Mandelay "
It might be sonic heaven, but you would still have to listen to that god-awful music! That would be a shame... 
Any smooth jazz fans out there?
Isn't it obvious that when I use the term 'crap' that it is my opinion? I am not a professional critic or paid reviewer. This is an amateur venue of people who love audio as a 'hobby', in addition to being music enthusiasts. I assume there is a ce... 
Any smooth jazz fans out there?
Censoring opinion is the gateway to narrowmindedness. There is nothing wrong with naming crap when you hear it. It strengthens resolve. Hail satan. 
Any smooth jazz fans out there?
Steveaudio: I want to hear what some smooth Beethoven would be like! 
Any smooth jazz fans out there?
Why would you go through all of the trouble and expense of amassing great audio gear to listen to that crap? 
Most unusual/mesmerizing female voice.
Andrea Von Ramm 
Three best audiophile CD/LP in your collection
Webern complete works (6 eye Columbia) 
Let me hear your rig.
LP's of course:Almost any Blue Note from before 1965Monk on Riverside or Prestige Schoenberg String Quartets by Julliard QuartetIllhan Mimaroglu "Sing me a song of Songmy"Pierre Henry book of the dead album 
Contemporary composers. Please help.
If you like Reich you might try the tonal minimalists such as Niblock, Tenny, Palestine, and Lucier. If you like 12 tone try Webern, Schifrin, and maybe even Verese. Also try Zorn, Cage, and most importantly MORTON FELDMAN if you like Part especia... 
Which artists' music do you buy without audition
John Zorn 
Stealth solos?
Lester Young's obligato work in many of the late 30's Billie Holiday recordings 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
Blind Willie Johnson "Dark was the night cold was the ground" (1928) 
Any feedback on the just released Hendrix albums
Good one Onhwy61. I am glad someone reads my posts. 
Any feedback on the just released Hendrix albums
"Now Jimi Hendrix is not at the same level as Mozart"What a shock. Just think how I would have misjudged him.Now that we have animalistic rap and hiphop to compare it to it might seem like genius, but it ain't high culture folks.Oh how we have fal...