Momentary power interruption caused damage ?

My system consists of a Vecteur L4.2 ss CDP, an Audiomat Prelude 30 wpc tube int. amp and B&W N803 speakers.

Two weeks ago, I had a momentary power interruption event(power cycled off and then on within a second) during my listening session. I don't use surge protectors, I am in the process of evaluating conditioners and most of them seem to constrain dynamics and have decided to install a whole house tvss at the breaker panel. I take all the precautions - equipment unplugged at the end of a session and I don't do listening sessions during thunderstorms and such. Power is usually good in my area - no brownouts, sags or dips etc.

Anyways, after the interruption, I have noticed more than normal sibilance out of my speakers. I believe that the amp is probably protected by its power supply and the cdp has a fuse that may have saved them in the event of a surge. Also my amp turns down its volume when powered on. In any case this was a momentary interruption and there may have not been a surge.

Could I have damaged the tweeters in my speakers ? Is there a problem with a capacitor ringing in the amp or cdp ? I did inspect the tube amp and found no visible damage - blackening of caps etc. In any case, the system is still performing reasonably well, but I can easily sense that there is that added sibilance - which is highly irritating to say the least and making me want to shut off the system.

I am planning on swapping components to see which may be creating the problem, and potentially servicing each of the components - the beginning of a major pain. But if any of you has had this unfortunate experience or is knowledgeable in this area, could you educate me on what may be affected in my system ?
Well, I am answering my own thread to complete it. It turned out to be the driver tubes in my Prelude. I had a new pair calibrated a while ago (thanks to Nick Gowan at True Sound) and voila ! the system's back making great music again...
Hi Mr.Playhard.--I'm glad you answered your own question.---Here is my take on such power out-or brown outs. Most everything will come on by itself.---Sometimes the power is less than full as it comes back on.--If this happens your stuff wants to / or tries to, come back on with less than the usual amount of power.--Sometimes this is 30 sec. or up to a few minutes.---Better to have a device that shuts everything down--then you flip the switch to your conditioner/device;yourself, after "full" power is restored.