Monitor speaker recommendations

Hello all
Just looking for some of you to give me some ideas as a starting point.
I am in the market for some stand mount monitor speakers. I currently have my old PSB stratus gold i's. They are just too big for my new room. I will be driving the new speakers with Cary tube mono blocks rated at 75 w/ch.
While I realize the best method would be to audition a few, I live in a very rural area and will need to drive at least 4 hours to the nearest stereo shop, so I was hoping to get some suggestions before heading out. Budget is no more than $1,000.
Thanks all
You can get some great deals on the Focal Chorus V speakers as they are being replaced. Music Direct is a place to start. My local shop was also discounting them so you might find a local deal as well.
Not sure if you have interest, but I have 2 pair of proacs for sale right now. both have new surround that were professionally done through Audio Connections in NJ (a top Proac dealer). They are both teak. One is a Studio 1 MK2 and the other is a studio 100. Similar sound for both. No other speaker I've ever heard under 2k will image or soundstage like these two. I also have a set of Super Towers mk1 in teak that I'm selling too. I personally don't use a sub for monitors as it usually takes away from the strengths of the monitor. If you are thinking of subs, why not think of a nice looking tower that does what a monitor does, but goes deeper because of the size of the cabinet. It's also fewer connections and electronics and unless you are an expert in set up, most subs just don't work like they should be. That's my take on hearing so many systems set ups over the years. Bass is very expensive and there are no short cuts not matter what folks will tell you. It costs money to get subs (you need two), cables and crossovers set up properly. I know of a couple of designers of subs who will even tell you the same thing. They design and sell them because they became the rage and it pays the bills, but they don't love them as most don't get two and the proper cables for them.

The biggest thing I take away from speakers is matching them properly with electronics, stands and cables. all make a difference. There are many good monitors out there and some of them are good bargains too. Use your ears and chose who to listen to. All of us have opinions and we all love what we have chosen. Figure out what you want out of a speaker and then figure out what you don't want. Once you get them and have them working, you will probably be vey happy and not worry about what you didn't get. Just my thoughts. Let me know if you have interest in the Proacs. Great luck to you. Have fun with this and don't' over think it all.
I have a pair of now ancient KEF Q10s I use for extra speakers and studio near field monitors and they sound really, the port is on the front so shelf positioning isn't as big a deal. I assume new ones are better, but I've always been impressed by these.
Does anyone know or compared the Focal 700 vs 800? Not sure i am really grasping what the difference is say between the 706 vs the 806. I did briefly have a pair of 807 v's when I had a ss power amp and i really liked them. Anyone use either with tube amplification?