Monitor Stands - Made of Stone


I recently purchased a pair of Dutch & Dutch 8c monitors. 

I'm very disappointed by the lack of well designed (and aesthetically pleasing) stands on the market. So being an architect I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands and design my own. A very good friend of mine who’s very talented stone mason has offered to help me build a pair of stone pedestals.

I’m curious if any of you have been down this road and what type of stone you’ve used and what the results were?

I’m going to use Live Vibe Audio products beneath the monitors to displace resonance/vibration into the mass of the stone pedestals, which will yield much better results than anything placed on my 2nd level wood floor. The pedestals I’ve been told will weigh 200+ pounds each and are just simple rectangular extrusions of the monitors footprint. 

I welcome all thoughts and ideas.



I appreciate your comments. I’m by no means an expert in this field and am relying on the collective wisdom and experience of our tribe. “Any fool can learn from his own mistakes…”.

I’ve not run across any of Robert’s comments disparaging other companies. I’ve spent about two and a half maybe three hours chatting with him and he was a real gentlemen. No sucker punches or backhanded comments regarding his competitors. 

I was inches away from buying the Townshends but several delays allowed me to explore other options. I was on board with many others who believe the T podiums are better suited to suspended floors (like mine) and then the idea of proving a big heavy piece of stone moved me towards the advantages of spikes. 


But after putting in many hours reading papers on thermodynamics, cymatics, and seismology, talking to representatives at both companies, reading/listening to reviews, and employing a little common sense I’ve landed in LVA’s camp

You have made a wise decision. This is a well established product with many very satisfied customers .(Including me). I’ve received superb results with their platforms. The engineering and approach is affirmed by the sound quality improvement.

I am sure that Townsend as an alternative approach  has its advocates and happy customers as well.


I use 40mm thick black granite on my Magico A5 (with its spikes, sitting on the granite) and gives a much more defined bass and revealed many more micro dynamics especially in the sub 80hz region. Had used other decoupling device and different thickness stones but I found 40mm black granite (highest density) does the best isolation of resonant from my hardwood flooring.


Hello everyone

Thank you all for your very kind words

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