MonitorAudioSilverRS6 vs ParadigmReferenceStudio60

I have a Creek 5350SE integrated and Marantz SA8001 SACD player, and am looking to upgrade my speakers (something reasonably priced). The Monitor Audio Silver RS6 and Paradigm Reference Studio 60 v5 both got good reviews on Stereophile, with the RS6 actually tested with Creek gear.

Has anybody out there actually done a side-by-side comparison of the two? I'll probably be using Anti-Cables for speaker wire, with Audioquest King Cobra interconnects. My current speakers are first-generation Heybrook HB2s, very neutral.
My sense of hearing them both is that the build quality of the Paradigms is far superior. I've seen both disassembled, and the quality of the drivers seems better on the Paradigms than the Chinese built Monitors.
I am late to see this thread but I own the Monitor Audio RS6 and last night at a local dealer I heard the Paradigm Studio 60 V5. I will agree the Studio 60 V5 is far superior in build quality. Although I was not able to hear them side-by-side I listened to the 60's at the dealer with the B&K equipment he had with CD's I brought. Then I went home and listened to the same CD's on my Monitor Audio with my equipment (Bryston & Cary). Although it was with different equipment in different rooms, I believe the Paradigms were defnitely superior in sound to my RS6. The Paradigm had a more open sound with greater resolution and they were not as boomy in the bass. I think this is a case where you get what you pay for. The Made-in-Canada Paradigm (in my opinion) are much better build quality and incrementally better sound than the Made-in-China Monitor Audio, but the Paradigm are also twice as expensive. Don't get me wrong because I have no ciritism of the Monitor Audio and for the money they are very good and live up to the reviews. I am trying to be as objective as possible in saying that the speakers I own (Monitor) are not as good as the speakers I auditioned (Paradigm) but they also cost me half the price, so this is what I would expect. Now I just have to decide if it is worth it to buy the Paradigm and sell the Monitors.
Thanks, J stereo! It's great to hear from someone who's heard both. I suspect that I'd be happier with the Paradigms - I'm nervous the RS6s might be bright, regardless of the Stereophile review with my 5350SE. However, as you say, the difference in price is tough to ignore. The Monitors have come up for as little as $450-$550 here on Agon (missed a pair in Harrisburg, PA). Perhaps someone living close to me in the Philadelphia area will list some, so I can go listen and make an informed purchase.
I have a pair of RS6 and they sound great, I have compared them to other speakers of equal and higer quality and they are hard to beat for the money.

BUT, they can be quite boomy if they are not paired with the right gear. When I first got them I was powering them with a Marantz PM5016 integrated and the bass was too much. But I have since upgraded to Quicksilver mid-mono tubes amps and since, these speakers really sing.

BUT (2), in 2010 Monitor Audio "upgraded" the line, now they are RX6s. The upgrade appears to me to be questionable. They have eliminated the screws that hold the drivers in the cabinet and replaced them with a single threaded rod bolted to the rear of the cabinet. It seems to be more about reducing production cost. In all fairness, I must state that have not auditioned the new model, but it is not the model that received rave reviews from Stereofile.

As for the Paradigms, unfortunately I have never heard them so I can;t help you there.