Monster Amps, why so cheap?

Why are brand new Monster amps selling so cheap on E-bay? Are they really bad?
No, Monster BLEW them out to dealers and others, hence the inexpensive availability. Great amps for the $'s.
Has anyone heard any of the monster cable amps, and if so what do they compare to?
Agree with Porschecab. The MSRP was $2500 for the 2-channel and $3K for the 3-channel. Large quantites of them won't move fast at that price, hence the liquidation-style selloff. I got mine (2-channel) about a year ago off eBay, and now you can get a new 3-channel one for about $200 less than mine was (it was also BNIB).

As far as sound comparisons, I don't have any refrence to compare it to, but one thing I can say is that it will probably drive almost anything out there with ease.
Thanks for the input, now I need to decide if I want to go with the 3 channel and the 2 channel, or just find the monster 5 channel. I will be using this for a second home theater system upstairs, with occasional 2 channel listening.
I've seen a very few on e-bay go for under $1500, but was afraid to buy because unsure how good they were. I guess I should have bought one and tried it.