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I am seriously considering a Monster Power Center HTS 3500 MKII for my theater. I currently have 6 separate hospital grade plugs run to the panel on 6 separate lines (isolated grounds). I believe I have a good power source in the city and am in a newer home.. What I am wondering is if I could have some feedback from people who have really used this unit in their system. I have read and heard pro's and con's in the magazines so I am still not sure what to think. My first response is that Monster is kinda BLAH...
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I use one with a big Panasonic Plasma and it does make a better picture...worth the money for that....if the current gets too high or low it shuts off and protects your gear...mine did that for audio performance I didn't notice any improvement to the sound system I rigged up. A better device would be something like an Exact Power EP15A that does all the stuff the Monster does but keeps the current locked in at a steady voltage (my power fluctuates alot) and this will greatly extend the life of your equipment. So for the small amount the device costs I think it's worth it.
(isolated grounds).

What do you mean? Ground should be connected to neutral at the electrical panel in the house?

Monster Power Center HTS 3500 MKII for my theater

I have no experience with this model. However Monster power conditioner bars (surge protection and filtering) had an effect on one of my digital components. I note that this product does no line conditioning.

I think you have to try it and see. Everyones situation is different. What works for someone may not work for someone else. I tried several conditioners before settling on an industrial product from APC which does proetction, filtering and line conditioning (maintains the voltage to the gear within tighter tolerance and automoatically adjust when the electrical power sags due to heavy aird conditioning loads or daily variations). APC make the Rotel branded conditioners. You may be surprised to learn that power conditioning is not rocket science and industrial products have existed for many years (long before audiophiles became concerned about this), in fact some of the audiophile products are simply OEM products rebranded with an audiophile nameplate.
Prior to making any decision - check out Richard Gray power conditioners...
I own the Monster Power HTPS-3500 mkII and use it for all my video sources (including my 60" Pioneer KURO), digital sources, pre/pro and Martin Logan speakers. It makes a noticeable improvement to video performance, plus provides surge protection to all my expensive gear. I do leave my Sunfire Cinema Grand plugged directly into the wall socket though, as I've found the line conditioner to hamper dynamics and sound staging.

I recently purchased an Monster Power AVS-2000 to help stabilize the voltage swings I'm begining to experience in one of the hottest summers we've seen on the Gulf Coast in S.E. Texas.

I will also be adding a Monster Power HTPS-5100 mkII very soon, as I need sone additional outlets for the additional gear I've recently added.
I own a monster power hts3000 and I replaced one of the stock outlets with a Maestro outlet and I'm just amazed at the picture I'm getting on Directv 1080i signal!.. My Pioneer krp-500m plasma has a very sharp picture now. The colors look very natural and life-like with skin tones that look accurate and life-like. The whole picture now looks so crystal clear and life-like that it looks like I can reach out and touch someone! I've only had this maestro outlet in my power conditioner for about 15 days and the picture might get even better yet as the outlet settles-in more over the next week or two. I watched a few reruns of football and they looked...DAMN GOOD!.. Look at my review
I owned the same conditioner your looking at. Just recently the conditioner malfunctioned and blew my tv, ps3, and dvr. The supposed warranty monster gives on there products is a scam. At first they were going to cover replacement costs on my lost equipment then a week later backed out on that stating that nothing was wrong with the power center I returned to them. But that they were going to send me a new one anyway. After speaking to my attorney Iwas told this is a common game companies will play to cut down on warranty costs. At this point its cheaper for me to replace my equipment then pursue monster. needless to say I'll no longer be using their products. BUYER BEWARE
I don't want to hi-jack this thread but seeing as it is two years old and revived, I thought I'd make one quick comment about Monster.

They do a lot of bullying with their lawyers, they scare off existing and new cable makers all the time claiming their designs were copied and they do not live up to their warranty claims as shown above. That is not the first incident but one of many.

Everything else I wish to say on this topic is not appropriate. Use your imagination. All I can really add is Monster will never see a dime out of my pocket.

You should check out Blue Jeans Cable's website. I believe they took on Monster some time ago and won. They have links on their site detailing what happened.

I feel guilty sometimes when I have purchased Monster ICs and their other products but they were on closeout and the prices were on Monoprice's level. I didn't have to wait for the items to be shipped from CA. I know I supported the dark side but ultimately I was able to save some money and use the funds in other areas.