Montana ESP2 vs Nola Viper 2a

I have a Bat75SE and 3Xi pre amp. I am considering replacing the Nolas with the Montanas. Good fit?
what don't/didn't you like about the nolas? i have heard the big nolas and they sounded very nice.
I like the Nolas a lot. My room was just too big. You can find my old Nolas for sale on Perotta consulting's web page. He is in the "guild".
This makes no sense. You traded the Alons in to Perotta, who HAS a pair of Montana EPS2s in stock. Why aren't they already in your home for a demo? Or have you at least listenend to them at his place?

Yea, I saw your Nolas at perotta. What did you find you were missing with the 2as?

Liked the Nolas very much. Just that my room was too big, and I could not afford the more expensive Nolas. Perotta has another pair of Montana's available. I like them very much.