More pops and clicks with groovetracer subplatter?

Hey everyone. It has been about 3 weeks with my new GT reference subplatter on my Rega RP6. I'm noticing much more detail and better pace with it. Unfortunately, I'm noticing more pops and clicks also. For others, has this been true for what you experienced? Or maybe in has been the cold dry air up here in the Seattle area.

System details are in the links below. Thanks..,
Dry in Seattle? While it may not be raining, it certainly isn't dry when you consider humidity. I grew up in Colorado and now am across the water from you.
Hi, I have the same TT with the GT. It is a big upgrade that improves everything and lowers the noise. As a result of the lower noise it also reveals the pops and clicks on some records. I can't find fault with the GT for this, instead I've become more fussy in cleaning before use.
Or maybe it is a setup issue. The pops and clicks seem to be on the outermost tracks. Like the first or second ones and not on all records. And this is not the usual heavy needle drop on used records issue as the issue reproduces on new vinyl, but not all.