More questions about el-cheapo DVD players

Thanks to al for answering my previous post! I have a few additional questions:

1) It seems that all DVD players now have progressive scan. Does this require the use of the component [3 cable] output to be effective? I am using an older Pioneer 50" analog rear projection TV, that has only S-video input, or composite [1 RCA jack] input.

2) I noticed one model [Phillips DVD 3500] that has a 12 bit 108 MHz video D/A converter, instead of the usual 10 bit 54 MHz video D/A converter. But it DOES NOT have an S-video output...just composite or component [unusable for my application]. How much will I lose by using the composite instead of the S-video connection? And how much of difference will 12 bit vs. 10 bit video conversion produce in real life usage, anyway?

3) How are the cheaper Phillips DVD players regarded [picture, audio, and reliability]?

Again, no home theater or surround, just listening with a good pair of "cans' and a good headphone amp.

Thanks again!
Yes pro scan requires component cables at that size you should not use anything but component video and the higher the bandwidth the better, at 50 inches you will no doubt see a big diffrence in picture 42 or less not so much so.