Most enveloping sounding CDP

With so many CDP's on the market using tubes.And tubes usually associated with the "enveloping sound"..What player really stands out in this catagory??
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Spaz, mebbe it's none of my beeswax, but...

An important ingredient in recreating a sense of envelopment is a strong, diffuse, slowly-decaying reverberant field. In eyeballing your system, I see lots of absorptive panels lining the walls of your room, but no diffusors (maybe I'm not seeing clearly, though). I would suggest lots of diffusion panels and few if any absorption panels as more likely to give you a sense of envelopment than a new CD player.

Also, omnidirectional or polydirectional speakers create more of a sense of envelopment than conventional monopoles. And there are things that can be done in the bass region which also create or enhance the sense of envelopment.

Like I said, mebbe it's none of my beeswax.

Oh, I should have looked at your system first. Now that I have, yes, try to hear the Playback Designs MPS-5. It'll be at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest in the Soundings room. RMAF will be worth the trip because you can hear almost all the alternatives there.

BTW, there are one or two top CD/SACD players with tubes, but, IMHO, that's not what makes them great. As a Pass guy, you know that it's the design and not the pieces used.

I can't look at your room and say that you need to change anything. If you need diffusion, it'd be at the rear. Something to consider.

The back wall behind the listening chair is diffused..Behind the speakers and left and right of the speakers are absorbed..
I know a amp or a preamp will have more of an effect on this subject..But in the past I have tried some other cd players that offered less of an eveloping soung..
I envy your room. Beautiful. Obviously, money is not that much of an issue with you. Try the Doge6 from Pacific Valve. It has a big, lush expansive sound, but it preserves the details extremely well. It's a fantastic player.