Most Impact on Sound Stage/Imaging?

a) fix the cabinet and drivers, vary the crossover(design)

b) fix the drivers and crossover, vary the cabinet

c) fix the cabinet and crossover, vary the drivers

which of the three will have the most impact?


Steve O.
That's easy, Room Treatment! Until you've heard what a properly treated room sounds like you're missing a huge part of high end audio.
Fix the room, amazing results.. I just did it and its like adding a whole new system. The room is a system in itself period.
Well, room treatment is not possible (standard reason: negative WAF). I simply wanted to know which of the three (drivers, cabinet, crossover) affected soundstage/imaging the most.

Steve O.
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Well Crossovers done right will have the most influence on actual sound, but the cabinet will be semi important for better more solid clean transients, especially at higher volume... Drivers if they are good can be way better if on very good crossovers.