Moving and need an audio tech to package equipment in Los Angeles

Hello........I've been a member for many years and have put together my beloved audio/video system in the process.  I've lifted, set up and connected every piece in my system (many times over) with the various components I've bought and sold over time.  I'm now moving out of state and need a high tech audio person in the area to dismantle my system and pack it carefully ready for the movers.  As I've gotten older doing all of this is too much on my back and is not as easy as it used to be.   I have all the original boxes for packing including most all cable boxes too.  I'll need a couple of tv's disconnected and removed from walls as well as some rather large surround speakers.  Most everything in my system is of high value and therefore I need a real expert to take their time and care in packing everything.  Please write me if this is something you are capable of or if you can refer a great high end retailer in LA whom might have someone interested in doing this.  Not certain of dates yet but likely will be mid December.  Thank you!  Wendy