Moving from Blue Heaven to Silver Reference II

Hi everyone,

Just wondering what one would expect moving from a Nordost Blue Heaven to an Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II interconnect? Associated equipement is a Cary 303/200 (i.e. a little forward of neutral) and a Plinius 8200 integrated (i.e. dark) going to Soliloquy 6.2 speakers (i.e. warm, limited treble) via Acoustic Zen Satori. I'm a fluid midrange and realistic cymbals...

Thank you
I'd go for Matrix Reference II instead.
Silver RefII may be too much going from cdp to integrated. Usually it works best when used from cdp to pre with matrix refII or any other good copper or hybrid cable from pre to amp.

I was hoping you wouldn't say that! lol

I'm trying extract realistic cymbals from my system and was hoping the Silv. Ref II would be a step in the right direction. Are you suggesting that this cable may not privde for much bloom in the midrange? I'm afraid that the Matrix would give me the bloom I'm looking for but at teh expense of cymbals...

Interested in your thought...

Portugal11, best you try both.
But just so you know, the Matrix RefII is hybrid silver/copper. No sacrifice in high frequnecies there. However, in the wrong system with the rest of the electronics being on the warm side, the bass of the Matrix RefII may be just a tad slow. In this case, you may benefit from SIlver RefII. But if your system is neutral, I think the Matrix II would fit very well.
You have an integrated. I have separates. I once tried 2 Silver RefII interconnects and the sound was not natural. It was dry, bright and there was no way I could live with it. I also had 2 Matrix RefII at one point. It was very good, but the Silver II from cdp to pre cleared things up a bit. I still think that the Matrix II would be a better fit for you. Plus, it is cheaper.
If I were you, I'd buy both cables used and then keep the best one and sell the other.
Good luck!

Another cable that can give you the best of both worlds is the Nirvana S-L. This one was the closest to Silver RefII in my system and had plenty of warmth with quick bass.
Thank you for taking the time to respond with specifics. In reality I would really like to get my hands on a Nirvana S-L, but they are impossible to find on audiogon!

Thanks again
I also run Satori Shotgun into Soliloquy 6.2s, and while the Matrix II will add some midrange heft the 6.2s already have a fairly weighty midrange on their own. The problem is that the 6.2s aren't the quickest speakers on the planet, at least in the lower frequencies, and I find the Matrix II makes this even more of an issue. I also find the Silver Ref. II much cleaner in the treble range, and as such portrays cymbals and the like in a much more real and believable manner (one of the best I've heard in this regard). My take is that the added midrange punch provided by the Matrix II might not be necessary with the 6.2s (obviously very taste dependent though) while also taking a toll at both frequency extremes, and the Silver Ref II is certainly no slouch in the mids. I'd still find a way to try both before purchasing either, but hope this provides some frame of reference that may be useful.

Best of luck.
Hello Soix,

It's difficult to come across people using the Soliloquy 6.2s. What equipment are you running with yours? Where are you using the Silver Ref II?

At this point I'm just running a single run of Satori with AZ jumpers going to the highs. I'm trying to locate another used 12' run. I find it really difficult, with my equipment, to get natural cymbals with these speakers...

Thanks for your response
I'm running an Oppo 970 into an EVS DAC1, a Marsh 2000b preamp, and a McCormack DNA Rev. A. Relatively speaking I find these to be fairly neutral components that pass the majority of information through with very little editorializing of their own (OK, the Marsh may be just a wee bit polite, but it works in the context of my system). I'm an amateur drummer, and I'm particularly very happy with what I hear in cymbal reproduction with this combo and the 6.2s although that's always a personal interpretation. I might not get the nth degree of extension and bite, but the character, tone, and weight of cymbals (i.e. being able to clearly hear the drummer's using a heavy ride) come through very effectively, which to me is more important than sizzle and pop that can often obsure that important information. On good recordings I can even sense and almost feel the wobble of a crash cymbal on its stand, which is something I lose with most other speakers. In some respects I think it's the lower treble that really communicates the feel of the cymbals, and I think this is a strength of the 6.2s. I haven't heard the Plinius, but if it's truly dark sounding I wonder if that might be obscuring some of the upper-octave detail that's dulling cymbals for you.

Anyway, I've used the Silver Ref IIs between my DAC and pre and pre and amp, and although the Matrix IIs do nice things to the mids when I put them in between my pre and amp, it thickens and slows the sound through the 6.2s too much for my liking. And the Silver Ref IIs do a good enough job in the mids with my setup that I don't miss the added glow of their purple sibs.

I've also compared the shotgun Satoris with a single run with jumpers, and it's very close with the shotgun setup adding a small dose of oomph and weight to the overall presentation that I prefer, but it is a relatively small difference. If you're looking for an improvement in cymbal reproduction I think your money might be better spent elsewhere.

I've blabbed enough. Hope this helps.
In terms of closure to this post, I have purchased the AZ Silver Ref. Mark II's and am currently listening to them. They sound great between the Cary and Plinius. I immediately noticed improvements in soundstate, high frequency extention, and and overall air or loftyness in the music. For those that believe that cables make no difference I invite you over...

If anything the Cary 303/200 is a bit forward-sounding (based on the research I have done). These AZ bring that out but I'm still happy being the Plinius and Soliloquy are inherently warm. Now, if I can only find something under $2k that has some good old analog PRAT...

You may want to try your single run Satori's connected to the high post and jump to the low.
Just a thought.
Good luck on your system!