Moving/shipping Avantgarde speakers

I am in the process of selling my lovely Avantgarde Duos. I no longer have the original packaging and wish to insure they are babied without being scratched when they are being moved.

For those who own or used to own Avantgardes and have shipped, moved with, or sold them to someone who picked them up, how did you or the buyer insulate and package them? Suggestions very much appreciated. Thx!
My best guess would be dissasembling them and placing them onto separate boxes. You may find the right box sizes on

If you do not have the original packaging and you want to be absolutely sure they arrive intact, call Craters & Freighters.

I had a pair of Duo's shipped to me from a dealer in the Midwest (I am in Ca.)..they did not have the original boxes and used what they had in the store..shipped the horns and bass modules in separate heavy cardboard boxes stuffed with those hideous styrofoam balls...that fly out everywhere when you open the worked....speakers were totally undamaged and worked (and still work) flawlessly...I was very nervous for a few days waiting..they used a private shipping company and they were delivered on a palette.
I second the Craters & Freighters recommendation. The former U.S. Avantgarde Distributor used them extensively to crate & ship Avantgarde loudspeakers. I used them once to ship a pair of Avantgarde 230 subs. They were great and reasonably priced. Good luck!
Well, rack up another vote for C&F. They custom built the crates, shrinkwrapped the speakers to my specifications, bubble wrapped them, then custom cut dense shipping foam material insulating the crate interior from the speakers. When I popped the top to the crate I couldn't believe how uniform the dense foam was cut to fit perfectly for the speaker. It was like a mold. Very impressive work.

They're independent outfits in most major cities, but the C&F facility I recently used near Anaheim, CA was professional, competitively priced, shipped in a timely fashion. I could not have been happier. You definitely want to do as I did by attaching those speakers in individual crates to their own pallet. That's the best chance you have of having them arrive undamaged. Barring an errant fork lift driver really doin' a number on them, they'll arrive just as they were when they were packaged. Document the entire packaging process with photographs. Highly recommended. Good luck!