Moving to New Zealand from USA Now What?????

OK so do I sell all my equipment, Buy new Stuff once I hit NZ or do I take it and Have it converted?

How available is audiophile gear in NZ?

My system consists of
Myryad pre amp
Toshiba sd-9200
Rel Storm
Mesa Boggie Baron
Citation 5.1 amp


Vongwinner...I hope you are fond of sheep. Near Aukland, don't miss a visit to the Coramandel peninsular. Hot water beach is a ball.
Regarding possible custom situations with your gear keep in mind that if the goods are used and not new, the duties applicable might be quite different i.e. for new equipment might be much higher than for used. So do some search on the topic and look for all those receipts with all those valuable purchasing dates on them!!
I have moved two times from one country to another and you should not overlook this.
Good luck!!
One site you may wish to check is

It claims to be NZ's most read hifi magazine and gives some indication of the types/brands of available equipment. Of course, New Zealand does produce some of its own high-end gear - Perreaux ( springs to mind - so if you decide to sell your current gear you could always go native!

I'm actually located in Australia so feel obliged to comment on a previous post on Australian tariffs. We actually have pretty low tariffs, around 5%, and now that we have a free trade agreement with the US those tariffs have mostly been removed (except on products like sugar, where you guys insist on protecting your inefficient producers!)
Forgot to mention NZ's own Plinius gear - - now there's some industrial-strength electronics!

One note: power converters are known to reduce the longevity of the devices to which they are attached. I don't know how significantly, but military personnel are forewarned of this when bringing electric items to Europe and Asia; I can only assume the same is true for NZ.

Nevertheless, I'm jealous! Have fun down there. :)