MPC power for Synergistic Research

What are the sonic differences between speaker cables from Synergistic Research with the MPC powering the shielding versus without power applied?

Hello Angst0, IMHO without the MPC the sound field is much smaller dimensionally, the bloom and spaciousness is not as evident without the MPC as with it. Also, with the MPC the music seems to come from a deeper blackness or lack of background noise,very quite background.
I agree with Violin. With MPC, it is more spacious and more bloom to the sound. The Quattro power supply is better than the MPC and will elevate the sonic level by another notch.
All the Quattro was, was four SR MPCs hooked together within the unit itself. If you want real improvement you must try my V2 modified SR MPC. It will blow your mind. Much better than even a Galileo MPC in every respect. Just check out the Agon forums.