MQA DAC with Coax Output

I’d like to fully unpack MQA with a DAC but also want coax out from said DAC. I use Tidal Masters streaming from Roon which is running on an Antipodes DSGT with coax out to a pair powered Dynaudio 200 XDs. The MQA DAC would need to have a USB or coax in (the two digital outputs from the Antipodes) and and coax out to the Dynaudios. I don’t want a super expensive DAC but certainly one to do the system justice. Any thoughts?
I suspect that is Roon telling you what the Authenticated MQA decoded resolution would be, if your DAC could do it.  But I’m not a Roon expert. The base MQA file is 24bit/48khz, so that’s likely what you are hearing. 
By the way, if you are using Roon, forget Aurender. Aurender has chosen not to be Roon compatible. 
Rockrider,  This app I downloaded from google app called "MCONNECT".
I use it to stream Qobuz hi res file and it will show the MQA unfold sampling rate as 24bit/192khz LOL.

Depends on the master quality.  Usually 24/48  or 24/96
But this one from Diana Krall, show highest sampling.
@zombiedad that picture means Roon took care of the first unfold for you, but the DAC is not applying the MQA digital filter. An MQA file consists of two parts. First, the higher res file is “folded” or “packed” down into 48khz. Second, information is encoded into the file that tells the DAC how to apply the D to A conversion. Roon is doing the first step, unpacking or unfolding the 48khz file back into the higher res 192khz file and sending that to your DAC. At that point your DAC applies its own D to A conversion since it’s not capable of decoding the MQA data. There are more complex details than that but that’s the gist of what you probably need to know. Long and short, you get a 192kHz file while only consuming the bandwidth of a 48kHz file.