“MQA is a philosophy”..John Stuart

Full quote- “In brief, MQA is a philosophy more than it’s ‘just a codec’. 
Your thoughts??
No argument about 24-bit files sounding great. That is to say, both my DACs play them. But, before I spend money on HDtracks I have a good library of Redbook CD quality discs. I am glad they had a $99 entry-level Modi which did 192 native on Linux. If you're able to get a new library for MQA for free but how much is Tidal... that is the hitch. Being an Audiophile on the Cheap means listen to what have. Thanks for your help, I will look into it. Funny thing is I had use of a pair of HFC Ultimate Titanium interconnects and even MP3s sounds good. I have an opinion in the cable discussion...$6,000 cables sound better than $20 Straight Wire PYST. From my lips to God's ears...
As a mastering engineer who has heard pre and post MQA for what it is, please ... it’s not a "good sound". 24 bit files are all we need, to be "in the studio" and to "hear what the artist intended"

Unless you like harmonic distortion and Mid/Side eq changes, stick to the actual mix files, at whatever is the native sample rate (higher rates are not better, another myth used to sell gear)

Stuart and Co are about securing income in a world post Netflix where video has dried up for them, it’s not hard to figure out. Money is a powerful force on anyone’s ears.

If you search Bob’s own words on You Tube (sorry can’t find the link off hand), he has said that 24 bits is all anyone needs (in a video formats discussion 4 years ago) then suddenly PCM is fatally flawed?

Batch processing of my work, by labels, is happening as we speak.   It’s not "Authenticated" as a master by me, or my clients ... it’s just another lossy codec.
@brianlucey The only thing "authenticated" is the addition to Stuart's bank account.  Out of which he possibly pays Stereophile and Abso!ute Sound to keep gaslighting their readers relentlessly so they actually start to believe this lossy mqa CODEC is better than, well, just about everything digital on the planet.  Now there are even mqa CDs being released. As if they didn't learn from the failure of HDCD. I'll take the word of professional engineers who actually record and work with this stuff over some money-grabbing hack who owned a high-end audio company, and presents us with psychobabble-laden white papers as proof that his lossy CODEC is valid...
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" Batch processing of my work, by labels, is happening as we speak.   It’s not "Authenticated" as a master by me, or my clients ... it’s just another lossy codec. " - Brian Lucey

Your are spot on as usual.

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To Brian Lucy. Your input, as a professional in the Audio industry, is much appreciated. I believe your ,kernels of truth, will evolve into a positive influence on this discussion.