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Best DAC’S $5k to $15k
My favorite 3 DAC by increasing price, all great :   Mytek Manhattan II Bricasti M1 SE Berkeley Audio Design Alpha Ser 3  
The molecular level explanation of "cable burn-in"
Cords and Cables are simple. First ... ignore all sales pitches. Then:   1. If you are happy with your system don’t change any cords or cables. 1a. If you are at minimum 80% happy then you might get that last % from some new cables or cords. ... 
High End System Building. How important is the matching, cabling and room? Thoughts ?
The room matters a lot, do everything you can afford. Yet the next step is most important .... do not buy anything unless a. You NEED it. How do I know? Because you are BOTHERED and can NAME the ISSUE you wish to SOLVE b. You have done an A/B i... 
SST Son Of Ampzilla II vs Parasound A21 or A23+
@steakster come up to Atwater Village anytime. The Evolution MM3 Exact and Bricasti M1 SE in a great room reveals all :)  
SST Son Of Ampzilla II vs Parasound A21 or A23+
@tubeguy76 Oh yes for sure, Made in California like all Magnus Audio The MA-150 is what I've always wanted from solid state at any price, just enough warmth but still clear, and punchy. Not as much minute resolution and space as my Allnic A-6000s... 
SST Son Of Ampzilla II vs Parasound A21 or A23+
@tubeguy76 thank you, i appreciate that. Problem has been solved I’m happy to say Brand new Magnus Audio MA-150. Voiced differently from the rest of their excellent line with more low mid/low end power, not as detailed/less sizzle at the high mid... 
SST Son Of Ampzilla II vs Parasound A21 or A23+
@soix thank you.  i need balanced ins. A21, A23+ or SOA II  
SST Son Of Ampzilla II vs Parasound A21 or A23+
Have you actually heard the 23+?  I have no faith in the 21+ yet the 23+ seems like a nice upgrade on paper.  
SST Son of Ampzilla ii power amp
Has anyone heard the SST SOA II vs Parasound A21 or A23+ ? Thank you  
Allnic Audio A-6000 vs Pass XA 30.8
Thanks @steakster I will investigate  Modest levels in a modest room   94 sensitivity.  The amps are wired straight to the mid range drivers.  Not much power is needed on these speakers w class d amps on the dual 15s @audphile1 .  30W a side is p... 
Help me spend $100,000 on a new system
There's no way to purchase a complete system for someone else, best thing would be spend a little of that money to make a dedicated listening room, and I would do that with double layer drywall and green glue between the layers.  Measure the room ... 
What is meant exactly by the description 'more musical'?
Musical is a qualitative term not a quantitative measure.  
"I'm a believer"
Everything in high end has diminishing returns, DACs, cables, speakers are just part of it.   
I Cried Today
Lovely post, may John's memory be a blessing to his family and friends, and thanks to you to everyone here as well :)  
Steely Dan UHQR
Bernie is being honest, not spinning anything. What he’s talking about is pushing the mids for radio limiters of the day and not too much low end for older turntables and the cartridges of the day, plus limited speaker response below 100 hz. Add t...