MQA is for chumps

Looks like all the cable naysayers from ANA are on this thread. Do you know how stupid some of these threads look? You try to push so called experts docs/videos biases against your narrative, who gives a sh$t? If you can’t hear or you don’t have a decent system, you won’t hear any difference between cd and dsd/mqa, same goes for cables. These same mqa naysayers probably hated SACD, which was a huge breakthrough in digital music sound wise. If you like cd quality music, good for you, I’m not going to try and convince you otherwise, and you will be saving money by not going with the better formats. Qobuz was inferior to tidal IMO, qobuz didn’t have all the music I like nor did it sound as good.
I love SACD.  I didn’t perceive any consistent difference with MQA.  What does ANA stand for?  In my world it’s Anti Nuclear Antibody 
I have a great, MQA-enabled Esoteric K-01XD SACD/CD player.

The MQA CDs that I own, from Hilary Hahn, Joni Mitchell (Blue), and Chick Corea (Return to Forever) are UHQCD-MQA 24 bit remasters and they sound better than the same CDs in SACD and Redbook CD formats. However, all of my UHQCD disks sound better on my system, so it is hard to determine what format is responsible.

MQA is already a marketing failure for someone like me, because there are very few MQA CDs or vinyl records for sale anywhere, even in Japan. This suggests that this highly-touted format is not all that it was cracked up to be, even following those ads of the woman crying when she hears the MQA format for the first time.

I agree with Blacktalon ...MQA was a short term solution for getting around  limited bandwidth and high end listening ...  basically a compression technology ... to give better quality at a given file size..   As storage and bandwidth become cheaper and more available MQA will not be a "must have" but a nice to have for some situations...  As more providers stream higher res files and homes getting higher bandwidth service , WIFI specs increase etc... file size will not be the gating factor in music streaming and quality....   but it will have its place in portable situations .. but then again in most portable / mobile situations is there a MAJOR need hi end streaming?  Yes ,  I am thinking about value engineering ( AKA " Good Enough" ) ( not a good characteristic in a Audiophile).

Good Hunting and listening.
Bill Sohne
I did a quick ear test, from Tidal to QB and cancelled Tidal and bought a year of Sublime QB.  I can tell you from my two ears and brain, I should have done this long ago.

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