MSR Acoustics 3D Diffusers

Anyone have any experience with or knowledge of these? I'm wondering if they work for diffusion. There are two models: Trifuser-SA 3D Diffuser that does high frequency diffusion combined with mid-frequency absorption, and Trifuser-S 3D Diffuser that does HF diffusion and low frequency absorption. I'm mainly interested in the diffusion feature since already have Real Traps in my room.

I have looked into these wood diffusers in the past because they have a nice look to them. I didn't go for them because I would like more feedback on their effectiveness before buying. I hope someone steps up here!

What is your source for buying? I live in the Bay Area so they are not too far away to buy direct if that is an option.

I'm picking up 6 tomorrow from the original owner, and will post my experiences with them.
These definitely work! Could be that the placebo effect is in operation here, but I've been listening for a couple hours each of the last 3 days and continue to hear the improvement. Previously with a small jazz ensemble all the instruments usually sounded like they were located at a single point source between the speakers. I thought I had a pretty good soundstage since the speakers disappeared, but thought it should be more dimensional. Now it is. Horns, guitar, piano are spread between the speakers with air around them and more front to back spacing. There is also more clarity and somewhat surprising to me on some recordings the bass has more impact.