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300b lovers
Whitestix I can tell you are astute and have a sense of humor.  When I came up with that name in 2002 I was thinking of my family name and probably at that point didn't realize ss is an abbreviation for solid state amps.  Funny :^) I too have bee... 
300b lovers
What a great thread!  Reminds me of the early 2000’s when I was on here more often.  I love how charles1dad said it back a ways so I’d like to repeat it, hope he doesn’t mind: “If a thread topic generates quality insight, information and perspecti... 
Holo Audio May DAC
This is a very interesting review of the May KTE. 26:52 he says that if you turn OS on with the May DAC, it then uses a chip inside, and at that point you are not going to be using the ladder DAC.  I... 
Autospec why is the title of your thread Be Careful of Dealings on Audio Asylum.  There is nothing wrong with that site, I've had a few dealings with Audio Asylum Trader that went very well.  Don't disparage Audio Asylum because of a bad actor the... 
Synergestic Black Fuse vs Audio Magic BeesWax
Reading this and other discussions on fuses has me interested in trying them again.  It's been maybe eight years since I tried HiFi Tuning fuses and didn't hear much if any improvement.  Those were a more basic version than the HiFi Tuning offerin... 
Synergestic Black Fuse vs Audio Magic BeesWax
Wow, zipost sounds like a complete jerk.  Reminds me to read everything in forums with prudent skepticism.  
Full MQA music list.
I'm not sure that list posted above is complete.  I just found a Nat King Cole LP ("The Extraordinary") that is on Tidal as a Masters recording that isn't on the spreadsheet list.  
Optimal Vandersteen 2Wq settings
It's just one cap per channel in a box.  Very simple.  That's what I use for the pair of 2Wq subs in my system.Here is some info on calculating the cap value based on the amp input impedance.  Also very easy 
Question on using Vinyl Studio
dtc, i've been using VS since your post to my question in the pc audio forum.  following your process and it works beautifully.  i've got the VS folder on my internal hard drive.  the output files from VS go into my JRiver folder on the external h... 
Question on using Vinyl Studio
Very good dtc, got it. 
Question on using Vinyl Studio
dtc,You said "All the changes it (VS) makes are kept in separate files that reside in the same folder as the original file. Once you edit a file with VS, there will be a vsfile and a .crd file in that same folder."And "Once you process the file... 
Question on using Vinyl Studio
Thanks dtc, that is an excellent and informative explanation, and what I was hoping for. 
Question on using Vinyl Studio
Maybe I made the original question too complicated.  So my raw DSD files go on the external HD in artist folders. Then I use VS and it positions track breaks, adds track names, cleans up audio (if desired) and stores all that in a folder it creat... 
Radio stations for Jazz....
Lots of new possibilities to try. I've always listened to:KMHD ( ( 
Alternative to JRiver for PS Audio PWD II with bridge and Mac Mini
The only way to use Roon with the PWD is with a USB cable from your computer.  Roon will not work with the PS Audio Bridge.  There is some discussion about this on the PS Audio forums