Much better MM cartridge than Shure V15 IV?

Hi, I have a Pro-ject 2 Xperience turntable, and I'm running a Shure V15 IV with Jico SAS stylus on it. I'm wondering how much higher quality MM cartridge can I attach to the carbon Pro-ject 9cc arm without exceeding the capabilities of the turntable/arm combination? Grados tend to hum on this deck unless I shield the motor's EMF. I have not tried anything else yet. What would you suggest as a clear significant cartridge upgrade?
Thank you, David and Ozog, for your considered response and detailed view of my system. It's really helpful to get your opinion of where the Shure/SAS is placed in the panoply of MM cartridges.

My Rogue amp has only the 47k loading. If I want to have the flexibility of altering the load resistance for MM only, will I have to go for a full-on phono preamp or is there some kind of unit that can work inline with my Rogue phono to give me that flexibility?
Yep - you can adjust resistive loading downwards by using an RCA Y adapter (either short cable or solid plug type - I use the solid type).

It is well described here:

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Sumaato - I'm using a 2 Xperience Classic with the stock Blue Point No 2 cart. I found that the Signal Cable Silver Resolution phono interconnects were a match made in heaven. I probably won't switch carts until I've upgraded my phono stage, but I'll definitely be paying attention to this thread as there doesn't seem to be much discussion of this particular table elsewhere on these forums.
Couple things to try (I use both with my Xpression III table):

- ortofon MC-3 turbo (great fine line tracker with high output so you can use it with MM stages)
- pro-ject phono tube box II (I demoed the rogue chronus magnum with the MM stage, both my local analog shop that is a pro-ject and rogue dealer and I agree the pro-ject phono tube box II is a better stage and adds a MC option. Local dealer also likes the Benz Ace MC low output with the pro-ject phono tube box II but with the Xpression III)

Hope this helps.
I never was a big Shure V15 fan. So I think there are many MMs that would better it, including nearly all that have been mentioned, but this is only my opinion. Obviously there are others who disagree, which should indicate to you that you should pay attention only to your own ears.
Nordost cables make my ears bleed. It's not that they are bass shy; it's that they are treble emphatic. Except possibly quattrofil, but it's not in this price range.