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Tonearm or headshell for Empire 208
Thanks for the responses. I was actually planning to contact you (Atmasphere) about these issues since you've had plenty of experience. Part of me is kicking myself for not picking up the 208 I saw that was cut out for an SME tonearm that was on e... 
Tonearm or headshell for Empire 208
I might add that I'm looking for budget-minded solutions. For instance, what would it take to mount an RB-250? 
What amp for B&W 803 MATRIX S2 fronts for HT only?
If you're not trying to spend too terribly much, you might try to go after an Adcom 5802. You should be able to find one for ~$800. They'll plenty of power for the 803's (or any other speaker for that matter). They're smooth and detailed without b... 
matrix 803's.. i have chance to buy... worth it?
I should add that when comparing the Matrix 803 s2 to the Nautilus and Diamonds, I've actually preferred the Matrix and Nautilus. I've found the entire Diamond line to be a little too bright for my taste. The Matrix series has plenty of punch and ... 
matrix 803's.. i have chance to buy... worth it?
My dad uses the Matrix 803 s2's. I haven't heard them in a HT setup, but from their performance in a stereo setup, I'd imagine they'd be a great choice. The price is good for either model, but a real nice price for the S2. 
Good speakers under 10K.
The Vandersteen 5 is definitely a good recommendation IF you can find them within your budget. The Harbeth SHL5 would also work though they're probably the extreme end of the warm/forgiving side of things that you might consider within your price ... 
Tube replacement for Dynaco ST 70
I usually trust Upscale's recommendations. I've only heard their KT-66, but I've heard nothing but good things about the 77 as well. 
It's been a little over a month, but I didn't have any problems the last time I called their service department. 
Tube replacement for Dynaco ST 70
I realized I only listed EL34's. If your amp will accommodate them with the mods, the Gold Lion KT-66 reissues are outstanding - probably the best bang for the buck and one of the best 2 or 3 options available. 
Tube replacement for Dynaco ST 70
First of all, could you tell us about the modifications? I've personally used several different mods of the ST-70 with a number of different tubes. I've recently used Siemens, pre-Sensor Svetlanas, Winged C's, Shuguang Treasures, RCA's, Mullards, ... 
Which cost more: your system or your car?
My system cost a lot more than my car. It should be noted that I paid $250 for my 2001 Ford Crown Victoria. I don't have a single piece of gear that would exceed the current retail of the car. 
Vinyl Collection Cataloging ?
Have you considered just using Excel? If you don't already have office, I fully understand hunting down some other software. However, I've never had any issues using excel in the past. Buconero's suggestion does seem good if you're way behind in c... 
Help Me Name a New Band
- Welcome to the Palindrome- Days of Blunder- Partial Recall- Blissfully Malignant- Bluff the Tragic Dragon- The Tao of Skeeball- String Cheese Theory- The Pancakes of Justice- Days of Wine and Hosers (would help if you have a Canadian in the grou... 
What convention/show should I attend in 2012?
I think I'm just going to do the Lonestar Audio fest in my local area in May to tide me over until RMAF. 
Intro system budget problem
I think a Peachtree iDecco would be a great match for you. It should have plenty of power for the Microwalsh's and it has USB input as well as an iPod dock. You'd have an extra optical, coax, and analogue input for additional sources in the future...