multiple iTunes libraries, connect to house audio

Appreciate some input. Have a wireless home network with two PC's and on laptop running XP - all have downloaded iTunes libraries. Have a whole home audio system [6 zones] from Breatheaudio [BA], uses wall plates w/IR. What I want is to be able to play the iTunes libraries over the audio system and do it conveniently with a remote. Needs to be kid/wife friendly [easy to use] and done wirelessly.

What I have figured out is that it may be best to either get an Apple TV or Express connect it to the BA and buy a iPhone/iTouch [download the remote software] for the remote. Is that a workable solution?

I was hoping that my logitech universal remotes would work but then the ability to browse iTunes libraries may not be supported or too difficult.

Not a super high fidelity guy but want good sound, is a DAC necessary [suggest a brand]? Also, open to suggestion overall on how to get this done wirelessly.
I don't get it how you intend to browse the itunes library? Running off a pc will work for the remote control but won't do much for itunes surfing? You may be better off with just a 160gb ipod and 1/4 in jacks in the wall plates. This will allow you to use the ipod in any room???
It's going to be convoluted with 3 libraries. Combine the music from the 3 computers onto one (the server) and enable iTunes sharing so all 3 can access it. Get a Nokia internet tablet and use software like Media Maestro to control iTunes on the server. Stream iTunes wirelessly with an Airport Express to the Breathe Audio.

That is one option but there are several different devices like the Nokia and different programs that would work. You could use VNC to control the server with the tablet.

You could:

consolidate all of the music to one library on one computer (that is always running)

enable sharing in iTunes which will allow any computer on the network to access the library

get an iPod touch/iPhone and install "remote"

-optional run "simplify media" (free) on your computer and iPod touch/iPhone. This very cool application will allow you to access your iTunes library anywhere with internet connectivity on a touch or iPhone

then get an airport express for each room that you want music