Multiple Receivers - One set of speakers


I would think that there are many audiophile guy's out there that are faced with the same dilemma. I have 5 beautiful receivers Marantz/Realistic/Sansui but only one set of speakers. I would like to be able to audition any one of the receivers by switching a box.

Also, I have one CD player that I would like to be able to switch between receivers as well.

Anyone have the same problem or are you going behind the scene and moving the wires?

P.S. if you have something that you purchased to resolve this, I would appreciate it if you could list a manufacture and model number.

Thank you.
Use extra care to make sure you don't accidentally run two or more receivers at once, with this type of switch. This can damage any you tie together at the same time.
DBX has 2 selectors that can handle a large number of recievers for your CD Player input. The model numbers are 200 & 400. Model 200 does not require power & model 400 has light indicators. You may have to build a speaker selector box for 5 spkr sets & use this unit in reverse.