multiple TT, need 1 adjustable phono preamp

looking for a high end tube phono pre-preamp that can be used to run upto 4 turntables without unplugging. Currently I have an Artemis labs PL-1 which I am very satisfied with. At the moment my turntables consist of a Nottingham Spacedeck and a Garrard 301. I am searching for a Linn Sondek and a Thorens TD124. From there who knows. I am looking for something that can be adjusted on the fly; a button here and knob adjustment there from say MC to MM.
The 2 bigger Allnics phonostage, L-1500 II SE plus and L -3000 both have 4 inputs, 2 MM and 2MC. I have multiple TTs like yourself (Raven 1 , 301, TD124, Lenco 75 , Commonwealth 12D and SP 10 mk2) so having something like this will be a real handy.
Hi, here's another candidate (especially if you have vintage vynil!): AMR PH-77 with 3 selectable inputs and a multitude of parameters to choose from - actually 4 inputs, but 1 "direct" is not to be used when the 3 alternative "normal" inputs are connected, have a look at the user manual:

Heard this only once with a Montegiro table (annoyingly, I lost my notes on the cartridge they used), AMR amp and Marten Design speakers at the Munich Hifi-de-Luxe show. Not enough to render a definitive verdict, but it sure would be one I'd look at if I had more than 1 arm/cartridge combination.

Good luck
My 10-tube Aesthetix Rhea has only three pairs of inputs but offers remote
control of gain, loading, phase/polarity, and cart demag. All three inputs can
handle either MC or MM carts. It's one heck of a phonostage. Dave
I second the Allnic. I have the H3000 and it is brilliant! 2 inputs. 2 mc and the other 2 mm. If you can't sqing that $, there is always the smaller H-1500 which sounds great too.
why just to have different step-ups and switched input?For tables like Garrard and Thorens I think you will use something like SPU anyway...
The new Manley Steelhead has remote, three inputs, and a line input if you want to run another source like CDP and use it as a preamp.
I have the H3000/L4000 and run a VPI SSM/rim drive with Benz LP and an SP10mk2 with SME 312s magnesium/Air Tight PC-1 Supreme. Highly recommended for sound quality and features. Switching between tables is easy.