Music to die to

What would you like to hear as the last piece of music while passing away? Here are my choices depending on mood and time available:1.Bitches Brew and Miles Runs The Voodoo Down from 'Bitches Brew'2.Reincarnation and Mila Repa from Que Alegria by John McLaughlin Trio 3.Earth Ship,'Visions Of The Emerald Beyond' by Mahavishnu Orchestra 4.A few songs by El Camaron/Paco De Lucia duo. 5.Total silence.
Come on, people.
It is the best guitar album period!
However it is a digital recording and quite old, so I have it on Japanese red label mastersound CD.

Doesn't the correct answer depend on whether one wishes to ease or aggravate or speed or slow dying?
Tuatera, "Breaking the Ethers", has anyone ever heard of "Tuatera"? They are my new groove.