Musical Design SP2 Preamp

Have mint condition Musical Design Preamp,
about 20 years old. Used about 1-2 years, then boxed up...

Trying to figure what to do with it.
Sell it..(asking price ??)
setup a vintage system somewhere in house, den , office

If i did setup, what would be a great amp to match to?
That's an excellent preamp but it's not vintage. John Hillig knows his stuff. I suggest his matching amp.
...hmmm, well does your SP2 have a silver front panel with the original black front "handles" ? If yes, then yours would match perfectly with my D140i (aesthetically the D140i is nearly identical to Johns latest D150b amp). Should you decide to list your SP2 in the A-gon marketplace for sale section with current photos and an accurate description of it's functionality-- I might consider making an offer...especially if your asking price is in the correct ball park and it's silver with black front handles, Lol :)
I am now considering matching to a on amplifier equal strength. Any suggestions thank you