Musical Fidelity KW500 - Cable Upgrade

I'm interested in feedback from any owners who have tried dfferent power cables to the psu, and/or the psu to the power amps and preamp sections?
The cable from the psu to the power amps looks to be well screened, but the preamp cable has no screening at all.
MF is a well established and reliable manufacturer, so to some extent I trust their judgement. Nevertheless their core competence is not cable design and improvements in this area may be a real possibilty.
Thanks for the feedback. I have one of Brad's cables between a PSU and Modwright Sony, I'll give him a call.
Hi Martin
I use revelation audio on the umbilicals and as power cords on a kw500. Once burnt in they sound astonishgly good and i intend to keep them. A friend has just ordered a set but i'm having difficulty contacting Brad. Is any one else having this problem? Please post any questions if you want more information