Musicial Fidelity 3cr vs. 3.2cr Preamps

I'm considering the purchase of one of these units. I can't find information on what changes, other than the external ones, where made in the move from the 3cr to the 3.2cr.

Can anyone help me?
I think main improvement was "additional" levels choke regulation for power supply is used with 3.2 vs 3 resulting in improved signal to noise figures, less distortion etc.

I personally prefer the gold trim of the A3, especially detail around large volume knob.
The changes were extensively discussed in review by Sam Tellig in S'phile a few months ago. Besides the CR power supply, some additional key components were improved and the overall performance was far superior to the plain 3CR (per ST in his column). Also, the garish gold trim was replaced by the more classy platinum finish. The signal quality was much enhanced (not by cosmetic changes!) with the additional regulation (maybe power supplies were increased?) with much deeper/silent background and awesome bass reproduction. I have heard that the A3.2cr surpasses the much older Krell KRC-3 and the component quality is much better in the Musical Fidelity piece compared to Krell. This is according to several people intimately involved in the industry. Give it a listen and judge for yourself.
Thank you for the information. I don't have a copy of the Tellig review and Stereophile hasn't posted it so I appreciate what you folks have provided.
The A3.2 is MUCH a more quiet preamp, not that the A3 was noisy by comparison to anything else available under $2k, yet the 3.2 seemed to have a layer of grundge removed that let a lot more detail shine through in a blacker background. This allowed far better front-back imaging, along with imaging outside of the speakers much better. The A3 however is a VERY pleasant sounding preamp, being warmer and more liquid in the top-end then the 3.2, clearly "colored" yet beautiful sounding, giving cd's a vinyl-like characteristic if that is clear, very addicting but not as transparent as many of the best. Both have killer bass performance, both miss SOTA level in the top-end and slight midrange fog. The A3cr is a little bit up front, the A3.2 a trace laid back, as if a 5 seat difference in a concert hall. The 3.2 can sound a bit clinical sounding, though it is highly transparent, much like the PS Audio PCA-2 in this characteristic but lively enough to keep you engaged from its stunning microdynamic and low-level detail retrieval. Both are great pieces, better then anything else I've heard or owned near their prices, fwiw.