My MX-151 hangs just before Initializing routine. It continues to display McIntosh MX-151 with red light flashing. We have to unplug and plug it back after a few minutes. Sometimes, it starts in one try. But at times we have to try “unplug/Plug” routine several times to get it going. Once it has booted, it works perfectly fine with a fantastic sound quality.

It has been very frustrating experience. Has anyone experienced similar issue? What do I need to do get it to start reliably on the first turn on. Thanks 


When you unplug the unit, do you press any buttons while unplugged? It helps to drain any stored capacitance by pushing buttons. That will help on the reboot process, but it sounds like you have a processor that is hanging up. I had a similar issue years ago with an MSD4 when I tried using it as an external DAC, and it tried to identify the incoming signal. I called McIntosh and they fixed it for free, and I had bought it used. I would start there.