My Dynavector DV 20 x---High or Low?

trying to sort out purchase of new phone pre, preferably another CJ product----above cartridge is on my Oracle Alexandria turntable (and no, I do not know which arm is on the turntable)---cartridge was purchased a few years ago, and I am not sure if it is High or Low, soI know not how to purchase new equipment. Or if I should possibly look at another move--lateral if necessary. Current system is CJ 250 S Power, CT 5 Pre, Vandy Quatros---does anyone know of how I can discern which cartridge I have? Cannot find an "h" or "l" visible on cartridge as I was told. Suggestions about any or all?
Well this one will handle either - and yes I do make them :-)

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I'd try contacting Mike Pranka at Dynavector USA. He should be able to help.
What phono stage are you presently using? It appears that the CT5 is line-level only.

And what percentage of the volume control's range do you typically find yourself setting it at?

With that information, together with the info you supplied on the other components, it should be possible to tell which version of the cartridge you are using.

I assume that "250 S" refers to the ET-250S, which is spec'd as putting out 250 watts into 8 ohms for a 1.85 volt input. The CT5 is spec'd as providing 20 db gain (that would be with the volume control at max), and the speakers were measured by John Atkinson of Stereophile as being about 83db/2.83V/1m/~8 ohms. Those numbers together with the gain of the phono stage and the range of volume control positions you typically use should make it pretty easy to determine if the cartridge is the 2.8 mv or 0.3 mv version.

Or are you saying that you've never used it in your system, and you presently have no phono stage? In which case I have no suggestions beyond what the others have said.

-- Al
Have determined that my DV 20X is High Voltage----it is in perfect condition---issue now is what to do about a phono stage with my CJ equipment--and my Oracle Alexandria. No--the turntable has not been a part of this system---only my McCormack DP 2--so--I am trying to discern the best course for getting turntable into the game. I welcome all input---I am told that a "low" voltage cartridge is the way to go---so--do I replace my current cartridge---and purchase phono stage to suit-? Or--is there a phono stage that is superior with either low or high voltage cartridges? I like to get input from folks out there who are not just in the market to sell what they are retailing. I have no experience in this area--as such--am looking for some help from you guys as usual---thanks--
I also have a pro-ject phono tube box II with very low hours on the unit, the factory tubes and the upgraded electro-harmonix golds for sale. Unit was replaced under warranty when my other one died. Both the pro-ject and the jasmine have very large soundstages and do MM / MC.
I am currently using the Dynavector phono pre w/ my ET3 SE and really love it.My 20X5 is low though, which allows the use of the 'enhancer' mode. Used it w/ a high output MC for a while though and was happy enough to upgrade the cart and not the phono.