My experience with changing azimuth

After all the recent threads about adjusting azimuth here and on AA, I ran across an article written by Joel Durand,, on what to listen for when adjusting azimuth by ear. Fortunately, adjustment was fairly straightforward on my Triplanar using a Ella Fitzgerald mono LP. It only took ~10 minutes to dial in the correct setting, but it was the best 10 minutes I've spent in a long time. The differences are not subtle and am now spending the afternoon re-listening to all the subtleties that I've missed from having the azimuth off.

- Doc
I always use the test record and also a mirror underneath the stylus tip to find the starting point. Utlimately, I still use my ears to fine tune the azimuth by listening to records that I am very familiar with. Our ears are the most sensitive instruments.
You are so right Doc i did the same thing basically. I thought it was correct man i was wrong and getting it right on is worth the time for sure. Another thing i did was go over all adjustments and another casualty was alignment. I know better and had been as a practice checking setup monthly but got lazy. Having a vinyl front end as your primary source for serious listening demands the time to go over your setup regularly and i will try and remember that from now on.
with Joel's tonearm, AZ adjustment done right is even easier to do. One can easily listen to the sonic changes as the AZ adjustment screw is turned. Even with all settings only partly optimized Joel's Talea is an amazing arm. I am committed to getting one on my Gavia very soon.
Great, I'm glad my observations were helpful to you. The process does take some patience but it's worth the effort.
Just a small tip for users of tone arms that can fit a small level. On my Triplaner i place the level on the front top where the cartridge mounts and being that the adjustments are so small you can get a mark with level and the arm in its holder then when you make a move you can watch your movement on the level so you dont get carried away and move past the magic spot. Good luck and when you find that magic spot you will surly know it.
I just tried it, wow! what a difference. My cartridge body is not perfectly perpendicular to the record, but wow, you cannot go by that, I learned something today. I cannot believe what I am hearing! Quite a bit of trial and error and some stronger optics than my naked eyes. Thank you Doc for this very informative thread.