My latest find. What's yours?

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I love browsing the music stores, looking for something new and interesting. I admit, the percentages are not good, buying cds unheard. I read reviews and browse through the racks losing track of time. It is so rewarding when I find that gem. The reason for this post is my latest find, my new favorite cd. Wow! Kenny Barron and Regina Carter, title, "Firefall", on Verve, 314 549 706-2. It's a jazz recording of piano and violin. Five star performance and sonics. There is a version of Sting's "Fragile" that is out of this world. The bass notes on piano are startling. There are also tracks by Monk, Wayne Shorter and Oscar Hammerstein.

Just to be clear, this is anything but lounge music. It is original, different and inspiring. If anyone takes a chance, I would love to hear your impressions.

Also, what recordings have you come accross, that make all those duds worthwhile?
Renee Fleming's "Beautiful Voice". I don't understand a single word she's singing but it's "Stop ya' in your tracks" beautiful! This disc will be a great test for your speakers and electronics.
Check out:

The Howard Fishman Quartet's two CD's:

1. Self Titled, on Monkey Farm (01)
2. I Like You A Lot, Monkey Farm (02)

can be found at www.
An amazing little band, violin, trumpet, acoustic bass, various string instruments, vocal

Richard Julian has two CD's:

1. Self Titled, Blackbird 61014-2
2. Smash Palace, Blackbird 38005-2

He's a singer/songwriter who is a cross between Bob Dylan and Tom Waits. Original stuff.

I saw both of these band perform this last week and was pretty blown away.

Another one that's come out recently is Los Super Seven's latest album "el Canto" It's very good.

Have fun
Los Super Seven's latest is damn, damn good. As you probably know, this band changes personnel regularly. "el Canto" is soooooooo good. Cuban sounds from guys that are mostly based here. The previous CD was Tex-Mex sounds, alos very good. Smwdrtwin, thanks for the reminder. I missed this one.
Several weeks a go I picked up "Bach Unaccompanied Cello Suites Nos 1, 2, & 5" played by Edgar Meyer on the double bass. I simply can't stop listening to it -- the sound is completely captivating and his performance is fabulous. Its definitely worth a listen to if you get the chance.

speaking of bach...i'm not really a classical fan but love casals. however, even more dramatic and expressive (almost 'out there') i recently 'discovered' anner bylsma doing the cello suites. wow.

also edith frost - very cowboy junkies, especially her first album.